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C and S Whitetails


To book a hunt with C and S Whitetail's you will need to email or call to see if there is available opening. Once a date has been set you will need to complete a booking form and add a deposit to reserve your spot. You can download are booking form from the tab above listed booking . You will have 7 days once we receive your call for us to receive your deposit in mail before your spot is no longer reserved.

C and S Whitetails


Once you have reserved a date you will need to purchase a hunting license and tag before arriving. You can purchase license and tag online at the KDWP website. The Unit to apply for is Unit 14. Just click on the logo at the top right corner labeled Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to be transfered to website.
Very important!!!! If you did not draw a tag you can purchase a left over tag online here. If there are not leftover tags for our unit you can buy a adjacent unit tag and put our unit as adjacent unit where you may also hunt. If you were not able to purchase a tag your deposit will be refunded to you.

C and S Whitetails


If you are needing a airport pickup you will need to inform us a week in advance with date and time that you will arrive. If you are renting a vehicle you can check out our directions page to get directions and address to our location.

C and S Whitetails


Once you have arrived there will be a consultation were you will need to sign a release waiver and pay the remainder of your hunt. You will arrive with 1/2 a day to hunt so once arriving you will be shown your accommodations to get ready for the afternoon hunt. Once you are ready there will be a guide standing by ready to take you to the stand. Once your evening hunt is over your guide will pick you up and bring you back to camp. Once arriving at camp there will be a home style meal ready for you. After your meal you can lounge around and visit with the other hunters in camp and share your passion for the outdoors before signing off for the next days hunt.

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The next four days is a repeating process. Wake up to a early breakfast, guide drives you to your stand. You can rather take a sack lunch or a snack bag and sit all day, or you can request to come back at lunch and a have a meal. YOUR CHOICE. If you desire to come to camp for lunch there will be a meal ready for you once your are ready to head out again your guide will drive you back out. Once the evening is over you will be picked up and brought back to camp where dinner will be ready.

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There are over a 100 tree stands scatter throughout the property. Each one has the chance of presenting a shot oportunity on a trophy whitetail. If for some reason that you feel that your stand that you have been assigned will not work we can more than glad move you to a new stand location that is available. As a hunter we understand involvement of taking place in stand decisions. We have a maps and trailcamera pics for each area as well as guide knowledge of the bucks patterns in the area. There is plenty of intel on the property to offer you as the hunter plenty of information on your decision on where you want to hunt thats if the stand is not already occupied.

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Field dressing services and deer transportation are provided by our guides. That means eveything from cuting, guting and dragging. Our guides will assist in meat & trophy care and preparation for shipping, meat processing, taxidermy fees, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the hunter. If you have any questions that was not covered already please feel free to drop us a message on our contact page.